Trainingen, coaching en consultancy op gebied van duurzaam leiderschap, duurzaam ondernemen en duurzaam vrouwelijk leiderschap.
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“Dare to be the change you want to see in the world”

- Mahatma Gandhi

2LEAD4US 2LEAD4US is a firm offering training, coaching, consultancy and online solutions to facilitate leaders, entrepreneurs and employees to be sustainable.

2Lead4US provides dynamic learning programmes that strengthen sustainable organisations and sustainable leadership. We facilitate entrepreneurship and leadership with your eyes cast on today and tomorrow. You, your company, organization and/or team will learn in practical and inspiring ways not only to do the things right but also to do the right things. With our proven 4US™ method you will generate powerful and long lasting positive impacts on all stakeholders within and around your organization thus benefitting your clients, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers, government and society with profits for the short and long term.



Sustainable Leadership

2Lead4US assists organisations in four ways to become more sustainable.
We make organisations aware of the shared value management and employees can generate from sustainable business as well as the process to achieve sustainable goals.
We develop sustainable leadership within management and employees to equip them to make their own organization sustainable.
We facilitate impact projects so that management and employees can create more positieve impacts on their stakeholders and profit on the short and long term.
We advise organisations on how to make sustainability a strategic advantage for them.

Sustainable Feminine Leadership

2Lead4US assists organisations in four ways to leverage feminine talent to the top.
We make organisations aware of the value gender diversity in management can generate as well as process to achieve gender diversity goals.
We strengthen feminine talent, competencies and experience of self worth in empowering sustainable feminine leadership programs.
We facilitate impact projects of feminine talent so that they profile themselves better en are more likely to be promoted.
We advise organisations on how to leverage female talent in more effective ways.


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